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Exposed end of a successful sewer repair in Kent, WashingtonHave you been hearing ghostly gurgles coming from your toilet or shower? Are your drains slow- moving? Have you noticed a musty, foul odor when you walk into your front or backyard? These are all warning signs that you might need to replace your sewer – and fast. A broken sewer line not only means malfunctioning toilets, showers, and sinks, but also a potentially health hazard as toxins and chemicals from sewage leech into your hard or beneath your home. That's why you need to call our sewer replacement specialists in Kent today. We'll perform a video inspection and pinpoint the problem. We'll tell you if you have cracked pipes, tree roots, or other issues with your sewer line, and we'll give you an honest, affordable price estimate. Save yourself thousands of dollars of costly repairs and call us today.

Why Not Trenchless Sewer Repair?

Trenched sewer replacement in Kent, in progressOur plumbers in Kent want to make sure they offer you the best service all the time – not just most of the time. For this reason, we've opted for the traditional trenched sewer repair method as opposed to trenchless sewer repair. There are a few reasons for this, each related to the fact that we want to give you the best bang for your buck.

Trenchless repair is tricky, and can lead to more problems than solutions

If not done properly, the epoxy that is used in the pipe lining method can actually fail to cure, resulting in a soft and easily breakable pipe. This means that you'd have to repair your sewer line in the not-too-distant future, rendering the money spent for the original repair basically useless.

Trenchless repair can disrupt or destroy existing gas or electric lines

This means you pay the contractors to take extra precautions. Not only is this more expensive to you, but if these pre-existing lines are fractured, your home and family are placed in great danger. We prefer to avoid unnecessary risks and opt for the traditional method of sewer replacement and repair.

Sometimes your pipes are simply beyond repair

Some pipes just have far too many fractures or weak sections. In this case, trenchless repair is not even an option, and the traditional trenched method must be used to repair your sewer line. Again, this just shows that the traditional method is safe, reliable, and secure.

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